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Rapid day 2: The Arjun Erigaisi day

It was not Arjun's birthday, but the way he played, it can easily be called 'The Arjun Erigaisi day' as he scored a hat-trick, gained sole lead and beat former US champion Sam Shankland in just 19 moves. In case you missed it, yesterday he won a game in just 17 moves. This just shows his preparation, strength and consistency. He is now a full point ahead of his competition, 5.0/6. Praggnanandhaa and Aronian are at 4.0/6 each. He will face Adhiban, Vidit and Aronian in the final three games tomorrow. Arjun vs. Aronian is something everything is waiting for with bated breath. Round 7 starts tomorrow at 2 p.m. IST. Photo: Lennart Ootes

Praggnanandhaa is still unbeaten

Arjun Erigaisi is playing like a man on a mission who has no desire to slow down. Why would he? When he is playing this good. He should aim for the maximum by swinging for the fences. Who knows a triumph of the Rapid event may land him the 14th spot in the Tata Steel Chess Masters 2022 as it is still not revealed and remains a mystery.

Round 4: Liem - Aronian: 1-0

We all remember Aronian and Liem having a cracker of a game this past summer at Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Chessable Masters Semifinals. This time also they did not. It was a back and forth game, a delight for a spectator and chess enthusiasts.

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