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Hikaru Nakamura


Nakamura is a five-time United States Chess Champion who also won the 2011 edition of the Tata Steel Group A. He has represented the United States at six Chess Olympiads, winning the first team gold in 40 years at the 2016 Olympiad. In 2014, when FIDE began publishing its official chess ratings, Nakamura was ranked one in the world on both lists. In 2015, Nakamura won the Gibraltar Chess Masters tournament for the third consecutive year, captured his fourth U.S. Championship, placed first at the Millionaire Chess Open, and propelled his classical FIDE rating to a career high of 2814. In 2016, he came first at the Zurich Chess Challenge. In 2017, he became the 2018 Grand Chess Tour winner. In 2018, he also won the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid Championship, and was the runner-up for the Blitz Championship.




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