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Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Rapid and Blitz preview

Report by Shahid Ahmed / Chessbase India

Tata Steel Chess India is the biggest and strongest chess tournament to take place in India. This time the tournament makes a history. For the first time ever, both men and women's event will have an equal prize fund of US$ 41500 each. Even without the presence of the world no.1, the tournament has a uber strong lineup of the new World Fischer Random champion - Hikaru Nakamura, reigning World Rapid champion - Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Olympiad Gold medalists - Anna Muzychuk, Mariya Muzychuk, Anna Ushenina and Oliwia Kiolbasa, Olympiad Bronze medalists - Koneru Humpy and Harika Dronavalli and defending Tata Steel Rapid 2021 champion - Arjun Erigaisi. Round 1 action starts Tuesday 29th November, Women's event from 12 p.m. and Men from 4 p.m. 

Who will shine and claim the crown?

Apart from the tournament making history with an equal prize for both men and women's event, having a super tournament for the women at such a large scale with a strong field full of present and former champions, the tournament has been known to be the launchpad for Indian youngsters. Last year, the age of Arjun Erigaisi began. Then little known Praggnanandhaa to the world's elite, also made a huge impact in 2018 in the Blitz event.

Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Men and Women participants with Vishy Anand and Chanakya Chaudhary | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Tata Steel Chess India Rapid and Blitz 2022 logo | Photo: Official site

Vishy Anand on the Men's field


Photo Gallery

GM D Gukesh was the first player to arrive for the Draw of Lots | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

WGM Vantika Agrawal arrived next with her mother | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The 44th Chess Olympiad Gold medalists - GM Anna Muzychuk (UKR), GM Mariya Muzychuk (UKR), GM Anna Ushenina (UKR) and IM Oliwia Kiolbasa (POL)

Gukesh and Nihal having a great time | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The World Champions' table (L to R) - Wesley So (USA), Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Vidit Gujrathi and Nodirbek Abdusattorov (UZB) | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The legends - Vishy Anand and Dibyendu Barua sharing thoughts with the Tournament Director, Jeroen van den Berg | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

GM Mariya Muzychuk drew number 2 and her sister GM Anna Muzychuk got number 1 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

GM Vidit Gujrathi took a while to decide which piece to choose | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

GM Nihal Sarin picked number one | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The new World Fischer Random champion got number 10 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The Tata Steel India 2021 Rapid champion - GM Arjun Erigaisi was confused whether he got 6 or 9 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Wesley So's admiration for Vishy Anand is always energizing | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The calm and collected GM D Gukesh drew number 4 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

GM Parham Maghsoodloo got the number 8 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Tata Steel Chess India 2022 Women participants | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The Grandmasters from Kolkata, West Bengal (L to R) - Saptarshi RoyChowdhury, Sandipan Chanda, Dibyendu Barua and Mitrabha Guha | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Rapid Round 1 Men pairing | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Who will claim the King? | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Who will be the Queen of the first edition of Tata Steel Chess India Women | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Day 1 Women pairings

Round 1 on 2022/11/29 at 1200 h
Bo.No.Rtg  NameResult Name RtgNo.
112458 GMMuzychuk Anna GMKoneru Humpy 247410 
222476 GMMuzychuk Mariya WGMVantika Agrawal 22629 
332311 WIMSavitha Shri B GMDzagnidze Nana 24758 
442351 IMVaishali Rameshbabu GMHarika Dronavalli 24757 
552304 IMKiolbasa Oliwia GMUshenina Anna 23716 
Round 2 on 2022/11/29 at 1300 h
Bo.No.Rtg  NameResult Name RtgNo.
1102474 GMKoneru Humpy GMUshenina Anna 23716 
272475 GMHarika Dronavalli IMKiolbasa Oliwia 23045 
382475 GMDzagnidze Nana IMVaishali Rameshbabu 23514 
492262 WGMVantika Agrawal WIMSavitha Shri B 23113 
512458 GMMuzychuk Anna GMMuzychuk Mariya 24762 
Round 3 on 2022/11/29 at 1400 h
Bo.No.Rtg  NameResult Name RtgNo.
122476 GMMuzychuk Mariya GMKoneru Humpy 247410 
232311 WIMSavitha Shri B GMMuzychuk Anna 24581 
342351 IMVaishali Rameshbabu WGMVantika Agrawal 22629 
452304 IMKiolbasa Oliwia GMDzagnidze Nana 24758 
562371 GMUshenina Anna GMHarika Dronavalli 24757


Day 1 Open pairings

Round 1 on 2022/11/29 at 1600 h
Bo.No.Rtg  NameResult Name RtgNo.
112616 GMNihal Sarin GMNakamura Hikaru 278910 
222676 GMAbdusattorov Nodirbek GMErigaisi Arjun 26289 
332662 GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi GMMaghsoodloo Parham 26568 
442632 GMGukesh D GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar 27477 
552545 GMSethuraman S.P. GMSo Wesley 27846 
Round 2 on 2022/11/29 at 1700 h
Bo.No.Rtg  NameResult Name RtgNo.
1102789 GMNakamura Hikaru GMSo Wesley 27846 
272747 GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar GMSethuraman S.P. 25455 
382656 GMMaghsoodloo Parham GMGukesh D 26324 
492628 GMErigaisi Arjun GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi 26623 
512616 GMNihal Sarin GMAbdusattorov Nodirbek 26762 
Round 3 on 2022/11/29 at 1800 h
Bo.No.Rtg  NameResult Name RtgNo.
122676 GMAbdusattorov Nodirbek GMNakamura Hikaru 278910 
232662 GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi GMNihal Sarin 26161 
342632 GMGukesh D GMErigaisi Arjun 26289 
452545 GMSethuraman S.P. GMMaghsoodloo Parham 26568 
562784 GMSo Wesley GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar 27477





There will be two tournaments: a women's event and an open event. The tournament will be played in two formats - Rapid and Blitz. A single 10-player Round-Robin played on November 29, 30 and December 1, with three rounds per day.  The time control is 15 minutes for the entire game with an increment of 10 seconds from move no.1. A double 10-player Round-Robin will be played on December 3 and 4, with 9 rounds per day. The time control is 3 minutes with an increment of 2 seconds from move no.1.


The total prize fund is US$ 41500 each in Open and Women category.

Tata Steel Chess India 2022 to have equal prize fund US $41500 each in Men and Women's category | Photo: Official site.




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